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“Shaya fashion” is an online shop based in Greece which includes fashionable and luxurious items such as fur coats, down jackets, accessories and more.

Shaya Fashion is a synonym to luxury

Our company has been in fur industry for five decades now, succeeding on becoming an international firm under the brand name “Estel furs”.

For the past years we created the company "Shaya Fashion" with which we design and produce down jacket, coats and vests fill with excellent quality of down and feathers.


Combining the incomparable, flawless Italian style -by collaborating with Italian designers- and the long history of our town, Kastoria, holds in craftsmanship, we have the assets to provide, annually, unique ideas of how a valuable garment, such as fur and down jacket, should be manufactured.

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After several years of experience in craftsmanship, we have accomplished to take it one step further by introducing our new collection of down jackets in the global market.


Inspired by the beautiful landscape of our hometown Kastoria, the cold climate of northwestern Greece during winter and the long tradition we have in craftmanship, we have decided to manufacture high quality down jackets made in Greece.